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What’s Love Got To Do With It? Everything.

15 Jul

This blog is in response to Jay Smooth’s brilliant video blog, Dance You Into The Sunlight.

Recently, I had to confront something.  Ever since that confrontation I’ve done some reflecting, asked myself a few questions, and toiled a bit with honing in on a perspective; all in efforts to learn a little more about two kindred concepts: creativity and love.

In watching Jay’s video, I had to (re)member (as in recall and reorganize) my feelings about MJ’s passing, my response to it, and how it all coincides with the ideas of virtual communication and consumption.

Picture 12_2

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The Power of “Ready For Love” and YouTube

28 Apr


So, I’m reading through my YouTube messages for the first time in months and every now and then someone send me a sweet note saying how much they enjoyed my Youtube video, or the famous “Why aren’t you signed yet?” message, or the ever-so-interesting marriage proposals.  But one viewer, Adrena, sent me this very personal note recently and I want to share it with everyone while sending her a lil shout out in the process.

hey i just wanna tell you thank you. you help me get my man back we been havin some hard times and i was done with trying, so i put your ‘i am ready to love’ on his voice mail and i sent a text that said “i love you but i dont know what is wrong with us but i have done all i can to fix it, and i think its time to walk away because i dont think you are ready to love me the way i love you. so im sorry but im done. i dont wanna hurt” SO THAT WAS SAT. AND TODAY MONDAY EVERYTHING HAS CHANGE AND I KNOW YOUR VOICE WAS A BIG HELP THANK YOU. NOW IM YOUR NUM 1 FAN MAKE MORE MUSIC MUCH LOVE. – ADRENA H.

Thanks, Adrena!  It means a lot knowing that folks are not only listening but also taking the time out to show their appreciation in the most personal way.  I wish you all the happiness in the world.  You inspire me to pay it forward!

In addition to being the first video I ever made on YouTube over two years ago, “Ready For Love” remains my most popular video to date with over 80,000 views – not much in the “Evolution of Dance” world, but pretty cool nonetheless.