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1 Mar

I’ve been feeling sad lately, so I decided to sing ‘Smile’ – made popular by the incomparable Nat King Cole.

F*** Beyonce, We Want Etta To Sing on Tuesday!!!

17 Jan


Nah, I’m trippin’ I’m sure Bey”Uh-oh-Uh-oh-Uh-oh-Oh-No-No”once will do a splendid job.  But really I’m not too sure about snubbing Etta James, you know the one who actually sang “At Last” before Beyonce was even thought of.  My heart frowns.

In any event, you know I have to capitalize off all the drama so I decided to sang “At Last” my damn self.  Of course, I do the song no justice – but it’s such a beautiful song (and surprisingly difficult in range).

And yes, I already know I fumbled the words – I should’ve said “press” instead of “rest.” Sue me.