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The Life and Times of a Blogger

11 Oct

I blog.  I actually blog for a living – well, partially for a living.  I’m a part-time freelance writer occupying that intangible space of virtual reality.

Hip folks like to call it “new media” (as if there’s some sort of archaic media, I’m thinking 8-track, maybe?)

I’m a writer who writes in a space of Gmails, Facebooks, “Digg Its”, and Huffington Posts. I’m also a spokesperson for young social activists and non-profit organizations.

So, I’m kinda like a virtual-social-activist-woman-writer-who-likes-to-Google-news-stories, and then of course, write about ‘em.

Got it?

In the world of journalism, the bloggers are at the bottom of the press heap. No, we’re not columnists or fancy-dancy staff writers.  We don’t follow an APA format style of writing.  Hell, some of us don’t even answer to an editor.

Who we are is exactly who you see when you meet us.

We write like we talk; with our “[sigh]” and our “[blank stare].”

We are twenty-first century writers who fuse commentary, diary, screenplay, and narrative writing all-in-one.  We talk through the written word as if it’s something to be experienced, not simply consumed.

Our love affairs aren’t just with our computers or notebooks.  Hell, we work that Google search engine like it ain’t nobody’s business.  What ever it is we need, Google always provides. Google is our pimp daddy on the real.

We are information hoarders.  And with that information we develop our ideas.  At times we get lost in the labyrinth of our thoughts when consumed.  Sometimes we become innocent bystanders in the speed zone of disseminated information.

[See, bloggers can make metaphors too].

But don’t think we care less about the way we articulate our words.  We appreciate personification (see above).  We deplore unwitting and tacky commentary.  We obsess over spelling and grammar (thanka jebus for that embedded spell check).

And we do more than any average copywriter could ever do; we hyperlink.

We stay up late at night hunched over our words like I’m sure other writers do.

As far our audiences; oh, they range from smart-ass teenagers to smart-ass golden-agers.  And the cool thing that brings us all together?


It’s like we sit around the dinner table waiting for our chance to “reply.”  

But in the virtual word, you and I experience each other through written symbols.  (Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?)

I don’t have to write to be the next great american novelist.  I have to write to stay in touch with the rest of the world.  One-on-one physical communication isn’t necessarily my strong suite.  But I guarantee if you ever receive an e-mail or letter from me, you’ll know who I am.

Because I am of the generation where technology reigns supreme, I relish in the idea that I can write knowing my words will be transmitted in nano-seconds.  It’s invigorating to know that I can communicate with someone I’ve never met before just because I posted some funky blog about meeting Flava Flav.

I am a blogger, and proud of it.  I conduct my life as any other writer would, and work hard at what I do.  Though the times we live in requires a different kind of style writing, one thing is for certain; a writer, whoever s/he is, is nothing without the word.