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Drake’s ‘Best’ At Its Worst

2 Jul

Picture 10

From my Facebook update and Tweet immediately after seeing Drake’s new video for his (old) song “Best I Ever Had.”

From an artist stand point, I appreciate the way he built his buzz by hustling mix tapes BUT his latest interpretation of femininity at its “best” is THE worst. Cliche premise + slow moving clips + paternalistic imagery = annoying.

@MBtheREMIX and so it begins: Drake’s artistry tainted by KanWeezy, Dwayne Carter and the rest of the egos. Happens every time.


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This Is The Remix

11 Jun


Yesterday while I was perusing the gossip blogs, I came across JoJo’s remix of Drake’s “Houstalantavegas.”  No doubt this joint is already hot, but I think JoJo’s lyrics and voice made the song even more dramatic as she sort of answers Drake’s seducing stripper prose with a cautionary warning to women who seek out, or are forced into, the fast life.

Download JoJo’s version via Concrete Loop.

Sit back and enjoy my version of JoJo’s remix to “Houstalantavegas.”