Headed No Where Fast. Wanna Come With?

13 Jul

Right now, at this very moment, I feel like Diane Lane’s character in Under The Tuscan Sun.

Picture 1

Yep.  Just like that.

This is a scene from the beginning of the movie when Frances (Diane’s character) realizes her life as she knows it, is over.  A successful writer turned divorcee, armed with a suitcase and some settlement cash from a failed marriage.  I seem to remember that Frances lived in New York before giving up the Big Apple for Tuscany (I could be wrong about New York).  Point being, Frances’ life seemed pretty stable until midway through when she chose to leave everything she built behind her.  She, of course, was inclined to jump ship because her husband was banging some other chick and then, as a way to assuage the pain, her lesbian best friend surprised her with a ticket to a romantic Tuscan village getaway with a gay tourist group.  In the end, Frances finds love in unlikely places and rediscovers herself along the way.

But what if she didn’t have an asshole husband trying to take every dime she earned as a successful writer, or what if she didn’t have a cool ass lesbian best friend who could afford an expensive trip to Italy?  What if she was like me.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an asshole husband who I can settle out of court with.  Not even a boyfriend to borrow five bucks from to get a McNugget combo, for that matter.  Nor do I have a best friend who, out of the goodness of her or his heart, can offer me an expensive getaway trip to cheer me up.  Ah, the grass always seems greener, don’t it?

Tuscan came out in 2003, and if I recall, there wasn’t a recession going on and the unemployment rate wasn’t 10%.  Creative people, like writers and artists, were only starving a ‘lil bit.  So Frances had it pretty good given the overall circumstances.  She might not have had a golden parachute, but she at least had some cash and good friends to rest her weary heart on in the interim.

Picture 3

Right now, at this very moment, I could hop on a plane going somewhere far far away.  Maybe where fields of gold run rampant.  (Sorry, listening to Sting right now as I’m writing this blog).

Picture 2

Yep. Just like that.

Only problem with this idea is that I unfortunately have obligations – nothing major, just rent and bills.  I don’t have anyone to answer to though. No day job. No kids. No man. Just me. (Although, I’d have lots of explaining to do to my dogs.)

Oh yeah, and the cash flow isn’t pouring as fast as Frances’ flow was upon leaving for Tuscany.  And therein lies my problem.  Thanks, Universe.  You rock.

Needless to say, here’s hoping that, like Frances, I can find love in unlikely places and rediscover myself along the way.  But for now, I’ll settle for struggling to click the “Buy” button on Cheaptickets.com for that one way ticket headed somewhere fast.

Maybe it’s just me.


One Response to “Headed No Where Fast. Wanna Come With?”

  1. Brenda July 13, 2009 at 4:14 am #

    Yeah, life at this juncture does seem a bit… WTF! However, as in the past and will be, this too shall pass and this will be the true test of your wit and character.

    What wisdom and character you already possess. Being in a city (2nd largest in the world)without support is a bitch. The people that you are touching in ways known and unknown is your Blessing and calling.

    If I had powers I would make all of your dreams come true, but knowing you and knowing your perseverance, I would only be hindering you from your destiny.

    I have a standing invitation, open to you to take that well-deserved “vacation”, to where ever you want, Ireland, a cruise, where ever. Let’s plan it.

    After all, being in the right place at the right time is sooooo important and making things happen is equally important.

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