Yours Truly Makes Ms.

23 May


A few months ago my former professors at Texas Woman’s University put out a request to the list serv asking current and former WS graduates to respond to a Ms. Magazine query for their “2009 Guide To Women’s Studies.” (Side note: Kudos to Ms. for featuring women of color on the front page of their latest virtual issue on Women’s Studies programs and degrees.  Unfortunately, the canon of WS is still largely seen as a white feminist phenomenon).

In any event, I had to come up with a “where are you now?” type of passage (in 50 words or less).  The challenge, obviously, was coming up with a descriptive yet pity comment about how obtaining a M.A. degree made an impact on my personal and professional life.  I didn’t have to think too hard; earning a M.A. degree in WS actually did change my life.  After a night mulling over some sentiments, I came up with what I felt accurately described my thoughts about earning an arguably marginalized degree – the “journey metaphor” happened to work best.  After a few email correspondences and revisions with the Ms. editors, my passage finally made it to print.

Here it is:

“Most of my life I’ve journeyed to gain perspective. Only after completing a graduate degree in women’s studies did I realize my journey has a purpose. Currently, I work for Brave New Films as a political communications associate. I’m also an online content writer for Both organizations’ missions emphasize social justice in the new media age.

And there you have it: My subtle, yet pretty damn cool, entrance into the mainstream is through a feminist medium.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

When I responded, I was still working full-time for Brave New Films at the time.  As you know, I’ve since left BNF to move on to new ventures.  As of June 1, 2009 I will be the new Associate Editor for  Hipolitics, or “Hips” for sort, is a new virtual magazine and social networking space that offers users much more than mindless gossip or inarticulate and unqualified analysis, Hips will be the quintessential source for all things political and progressive from a Hip-Hop head’s perspective.  Hips will cover U.S./global politics and the enigma that is Hip-Hop.  Think: CNN meets MTV, but with consciousness.  Hips launches this summer.

I’m looking forward to meeting and interviewing some amazing and provacative people.  So definitely stick around because 2009 is going to be an awesome year.


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