Dancing To Smile

7 Apr


Via YouthNoise.com

Hello kiddies!

So I’m packing up my LA apartment, getting ready to move to the NYC, and in all honesty today didn’t start off all that well.  Today, April 6th, is my dad’s birthday.  Some of you might know that my dad passed away in December so yeah, I wasn’t looking forward to today.

While I was packing up, I thought about Trina’s post awhile back that discussed how exercise can be one of the best ways to combat sadness.  I also thought about Ethan’s recent post on dancing for a good cause.  Then, I thought about how my dad would totally not dig me moping around on his b-day.  Being the jokester that he was, he always managed to find funniness in life and exploit the heck out of it!

So, this one’s dedicated to you dad, and to all the rest of you who might find yourself down in the dumps.  By far, the best exercise (and to some degree, sport) for good is of course a little shimmy shake – if not only for your health, certainly for a smile!


Image courtesty of Dave77459 Flickr page.

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