HELP! Blackberry Storm vs. iPhone

23 Mar


I’ve got that standing-in-the-middle-of-the-cereal-isle-at-the-grocery-store feeling again, but instead of staring at Frosted Berry Oats and Cocoa Puffy Flakes, I quiver at the thought of having to choose between Verizon’s Blackberry Storm and AT&T’s iPhone.


That being said, I’m an effing tech gadget freak.  Hence, my odd obsesssion with wanting to make the right decision.  Admittedly, I adore all-things Apple/Mac related.  I absolutely will NOT go back to a PC after experiencing a Mac. While I’m on the brink of purchasing my next cell phone, I’m also gearing up to purchase the new 17-inch Macbook Pro with the revolutionary 8 hour battery. (Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!)

But my passion for Mac hasn’t necessarily affected my loyalty to other brands.  I’m currently a Verizon customer, and have been for several years. I’m happy with my service (especially coming from Sprint).  I think Verizon Fios is amazing.  Verizon’s claim to Fios service is Apple/Mac’s claim to the iPhone.  Both companies are superior at what they do.  The iPhone is probably one of the best cell phones on the market because it’s made by the best computer software company in the world.  Similarly, Verizon’s multifaceted service (i.e. land line, cable, and high speed internet) is the best around, and probably explains their award-winning wireless network reliability.

So, as you can see, my choice here ain’t easy. It’s like asking which Michael Jordan would you rather have on your team; the 1987 Jordan or 1988 one?

While Jordan averaged more total points in ’87, he won his first MVP title in ’88 (an award presumably given to the best all around player of the year).

It seems that what it all comes down to is preference; which phone best accommodates my needs and wants.

Here’s the rundown.

Verizon Blackberry Storm

  • As it stands now, I’m at the end of my contract with Verizon, which means I can easily switch to another provider without penalty – while also keeping my current cell phone number.
  • If I choose to renew with Verizon, I’ll only pay $99 for the BB Storm, but sign another 2 year contract.
  • I’m not quite sure if Verizon has an unlimited plan like AT&T does with the iPhone; this is crucial since most of my folks are Verizon and Sprint users.
  • I hate following trends, so by going with the BB Storm I’d feel like I wasn’t following every Tom, Dick, and Shaniqua who already owns an iPhone.  I’d totally be a radical in that sense.

AT&T iPhone 3G

  • Brand new contract; I’d likely spend close to $400 with purchasing the new phone and plan.  While the initial upfront costs are definitely steep, the overall plan coverage would be about the same with Verizon (a little over $100.00 per month).
  • iPhone Applications are impeccable.
  • iPhone is gearing up to launch it’s new 3.0 software to hit this summer – not sure what Verizon has/will have to match this new upgrade.
  • I’m a Mac chick, so I’m already used to Apple products and their functionality.

I’ve heard people say that the BB Storm is the best phone for work-related uses (e-mail especially) whereas the iPhone is the best choice for fun, entertainment (especially when browsing and texting).  I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be inundated with work-related stuff for the next few years of my life, so always being “accessible” via the Crackberry can be both a good and bad thing :-/

This video helped somewhat, in terms of functionality – but in the end, I was still left hopelessly confused.

So now that I’ve scoured the message boards, perused the reviews, and closely observed most of the YouTube demonstration videos, I’m ready to venture into a Verizon store and an Apple store to test out the doohickies in question.

But in the meantime, perhaps you all might have some suggestions for me to further ponder.

What do you think: BB Storm or iPhone?


8 Responses to “HELP! Blackberry Storm vs. iPhone”

  1. Mike Brown the REMIX March 23, 2009 at 2:58 am #

    ironically, i was in the same boat. I finished my contract with VZN, debated on iPhone. I’m going with the VZN BB Storm.

    1. I already have a iPod Touch, which is used primarily for music. The only functions I’d miss are the video/camera and phone which i dont want on my ipod b/c video will be used for content, rather not tie up my phone uploading stuff

    2. it would make my iPodTouch kind of obselete, but it doesnt have the same memory. i like my music. i dont want to carry arround 2 iPods

    but the kicker was Verizon sales team. We spoke about different options for ipod like phones. There’s the BB and the Samsung Omnia (worth a glance). In the end, I thought of why and how I use my phone. Being in media, seems that everyone has a BB: BBMessenger, BB emails, easy sync, etc.

    Mad sense just to stay, along with the killer price (New every 2 + 100$ of a NEW Phone + rebate = 70 for a BB Storm).

    And, I got a few bonus minutes every month. It makes my per month contract par with T-Mobile uber-cheap prices.

    it just made more sense to not change from service i’ve NEVER had a problem with for a “cool” phone.

    • tara l. conley March 23, 2009 at 3:04 am #

      Totally. Verizon’s customer service is killer. I just got off the phone with a rep like 2 hours ago. We discussed my possible switch. He was really cool, and offered options with no pressure. Customer service is very important to me. I also have AT&T for my land line and Internet, needless to say I have serious problems with their service (maybe it’s just in the LA area, but they really need to fix their networks and customer service out here).

      That being said, if Verizon and Apple ever teamed up – holy. hell. shit.

      A gal can dream . . .

  2. amanda liott March 23, 2009 at 5:02 am #

    FYI- when you have an i-phone, yes, AT&T is your service provider, however, you deal with APPLE for everything having to do with your iphone except rate plans, minutes etc… you will NEVER go the AT&T store after your purchase- you will ALWAYS go the APPLE store.

    hope that helps.

    • tara l. conley March 23, 2009 at 11:50 pm #

      Good to know, Amanda. Yeah, I’ve dealt with Apple folks for my computer-related needs in the past. So far so good!

  3. Bob Reis June 1, 2009 at 1:48 am #

    to compare the bb storm to the g3 iphone isn’t really fair and here’s why. first you are comparing a 2nd gen phone (iphone) to a first gen phone (bb storm) and the 2nd gen phone still can’t give you video, or be a tethered modem for your laptop if you want to bypass paying for wi-fi at some hotels, no stereo bluetooth, no removable battery, 16GB iPhone sells for $299 on contract and $199 Storm plus a 16GB media card comes to about $265, so the price is cheaper,one longstanding complaint about the iPhone’s touch screen is its lack of tactile feedback…in other words, the screen offers no response when you hit a key, you also can’t copy and paste and last but certainly not the least TRY RUNNING MORE THAN ONE APP ON A IPHONE multitasking is something ol Steve didn’t think was needed in the business world…Can I say DUH here! One last note here Apple does not make computer software other than some ipod, itunes and iphone apps and the last 4 Mac operating systems are hybrids of other operating systems.

    By the way I am a Mac tech, Microsoft tech and Linux tech and I do know what I am talking about. None of the 3 operating systems are better than the other two until coupled with Unix or Enterprise servers and Cisco routers.

  4. Jim August 12, 2009 at 9:00 pm #

    I have a Blackberry Storm for work and an iPhone 3Gs for my own use.
    Nothing pushes email like the Blackberry….but that is where it ends.

    The iPhone kicks butt in EVERY OTHER AREA. I love the iPhone!!

  5. branden September 18, 2009 at 2:37 am #

    well now verzion is the best network i do argree with that!! but the iphone is really alot better then the storm.. i have the storm. and im having problems with it i dont know really whats worng with it.. but blackberry is known for the great email and the fact the bb storm has mms and video. well so do the 3gs but i hear alot of people in bussiness complaining because the iphones email isnt as good as blackberrys. but in most way the iphone is much better then the storm. internet, apps, overall layout.. i suggest the iphone. and the iphone syncs with your mac alott better then a blackberry would…

  6. lee December 11, 2009 at 11:28 am #

    Hey! Great post… You guys can read the latest instalment of the Uk underground smash from the streets “The Maze”. R rated!!! Over 18s only!

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