I’m Headed to that Deluxe Apartment in the Sky!

15 Oct

By-golly I’ve been linked to by a feminist blogger!

Granted, my video content has been linked to by other bloggers before (well, before YouTube pulled the plug on my Nike Human Race video because it featured Kanye West’s song “Stronger” – boo, YouTube!), but this one is kinda big for me.  My YouthNoise post, “The Condundrum Facing Black Female Athletes” was mentioned in an Apu’s World post, “Carnival of Feminists (No. 66).”

It’s like being invited to the “cool kids” party; once you’re acknowledged, it’s like you’re in.  Certainly for me, being apart of the ever-growing space of feminist bloggers, political bloggers, and activist bloggers (most of the time, these three categories overlap) is quite desirable.

Note my current Facebook status: “Tara is pretty stoked that my blog was linked to by a feminist blog. I’m headed for that deluxe apartment in the sky now!”

Being a woman-of-color blogger makes it a bit more challenging to try and break into the mainstream sphere of political blogging.  Yeah, Huff Post has a few, but honestly women-of-color (mainstream) bloggers are too few and far in-between.

But hasn’t this been the case for years now?  I mean, if you ask even the more “learn-ed” folks about women-of-color writers, I bet they can mention only a handful, and of those, I’m sure Maya Angelou, and maybe even Alice Walker, would be mentioned.  These women are living legends in their own right, but there are many more women, including women-of-color bloggers, who are making waves and writing for a cause.

But it’s cool.  I’m accustom to trudging along, hoping to break a helluvalotof glass ceilings, and continue to shock the heebie-jeebies outta folks who sit down and have an “intellectual” conversation with me.  Like my mother always says about strugglin’: “It builds character.”

Indeed, it does, mom.

So, you can understand my enthusiasum about being recognized by another woman-of-color blogger; one who sees my efforts as valuable.  There’s a “being-accepted-by-your-peers” quality to the mention that I really enjoy.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt that YouthNoise (my part-time employer) affords me the opportunity to write about issues I care about most.  I’m not censored, but most notably, I’m encouraged and entrusted upon to express valid viewpoints.

What I do, is what I do – and to be acknowledged for that is pretty damn cool.

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